Manage, assign and track all your technology assets in one place.

Between student and staff devices, classroom technologies, and much more, school systems today have more technology to manage than ever. To successfully accomplish this you need an integrated K-12 asset management and help desk software that enables you to assign, manage, and audit all your assets in a single system.


A few of the software features include:

  • Manage all your student, staff and classroom technology assets in one place.
  • Import assets from CSV files or use automated API connections to Google, jamf and others. 
  • View asset details including purchasing and device information.
  • Track asset funding sources including Title I, E-rate and others.
  • Access asset history including help tickets, user assignments and invoices.
  • Print asset tags directly from the software. 
  • Assign devices to students, staff and locations using barcode technology.
  • Collect devices from students, staff and locations using barcode technology .
  • Create help tickets and invoices for damages while collecting devices.
  • Set up inventory audits for specific sites, asset groups, funding source and others.
  • Use barcode scanning to easily audit and reconcile assets.
  • Print inventory sheets for individual sites and rooms for staff sign-off.
  • Identify devices missing during the inventory.
  • Single out devices not in their assigned location

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